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Horizontal Blinds

You may have also heard Horizontal Blinds called "Venetian Blinds." That is because Venetian traders discovered similar devices being used in Egypt, Persia, and China, bringing the idea back to Venice Italy, adapting it, and giving us horizontal blinds. Developed as we know them in 1794, you can say that horizontal blinds are a timeless piece for any home!

The tilt is where the magic lives.

Horizontal Blinds give you the option of tilting the slats to let in as much ambient light as you desire. This gives them a unique mechanism that isn't found in other window coverings.

Horizontal blind features.

With Horizontal Blinds, the option of 1" and 2" slat designs are available. Our products are flame tested and lead tested approved (please contact us for a copy of the certificate). Horizontal Blinds feature universal end brackets, color-coordinated wand, and clutch tilter to prevent breakage due to over-tilting.

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