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Vertical Blinds

Manufactured right here in Denver! Our vertical blinds feature unbreakable carriers so you can rest assured that your order is durable and dependable.

What are the primary uses for vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds have slats that close your blinds left to right instead of up and down. This gives you a great option for sliding doors or windows that open side to side.

Vertical blind features.

You can rest assured that your vertical blinds come with unbreakable stems and self-aligning carriers. Vertical blinds come with extruded PVC slats at 3.5" wide, and the option of child safe wands or cord & chain operated mechanisms. Purchasers also have the option of one way draw, split draw, or center stack draw for their vertical blind experience!


Our Royal Pro Vertical Blinds are fabricated without lead additives and come with fire rated slats.


White, Off-White, and Alabaster. Decorator colors are also available.

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