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About Sean

Sean's journey with Royal Textile Products began in 2014 on an unofficial basis as a part-time installer in Colorado Springs. His dedication and knack for detail quickly set him apart, and by 2017, Sean had transitioned to a full-time role as an installation technician. His commitment to quality and excellence saw him promoted to Project Manager in 2020, where he thrived in overseeing complex projects and ensuring their successful completion.

In 2023, Sean embraced a new challenge by joining the bidding department, where he has found a passion for the intricate process of crafting project bids. He enjoys diving deep into the numbers and intricacies involved, ensuring that every bid is not only competitive but also reflective of Royal’s commitment to excellence and precision. Sean’s analytical skills and attention to detail make him a valuable asset to our team, ensuring that every project starts off on the right foot.

At Royal Textile Products, Sean continues to play a crucial role in our growth and success, bringing a wealth of experience and a meticulous approach to every project he undertakes.

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