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Why to go with Professional Window Treatments

Filtering the sun is important, and here at Royal Textile Products we’ve been filtering just the right amount of sun since 1971. That’s how we know a thing or two when it comes to providing window treatments for your projects, and why we’re qualified to be your partner to make your designs and visions a reality.

Here are some of the top reasons to choose a professional installation with your projects.


Using the proper blind type and style

One of the most common mistakes made when choosing a blinds for a project is choosing window treatments that either fall short of the desired esthetic or are not of the right type to fit the project. This can mean that either the wrong amount of sun is being filtered and let in, or maybe the opacity of the blinds are not what you’re looking for when you find that the outside world can see through your shades at night! Knowing the type of project and what will fit with your vision is a part of what makes our team here at Royal Textile Products your trusted partner when it comes your window treatments options.


Bad installation techniques

Construction is a precise business! I know that when I started as an installation technician with Royal Textile Products I thought that it would be an easy process to put up window blinds and shades all day. Boy was I wrong! In order to ensure that each window is covered the same way with the same safe techniques trusted professionals should be used in every case. It is simply the best way to ensure that things like window blinds are installed safely and wont fall down, have been secured properly, and work properly in each and every window. This may mean mounting your blinds in a way that only comes with years of experience, and the Royal Team has over 50 years of dedicated window treatment service.


All the extras

Of course there are so many other reasons to go with professional window treatments for your project, listing them could take all day! Instead it’s just best to go with your trusted source for your project, in order to bring the value to your project you need. Not to mention simple things like warranty repairs, product replacements, correct measurements and placements, and the esthetics that a fantastically installed window blind adds to any space. Contact the team here at Royal Textile Products any time for all your project needs, we would love to make your space shaded exactly how you want it, every time!


Royal Textile Products is a family owned small business shading just the right amount of sun since 1971! We pride ourselves on bring value to every project we work on, and have a fully trained in house team dedicated to making your window treatment vision a reality. We’re ready to jump in at any stage, whether it be from conceptual design to renovation, we’d love to help you achieve your project goals. We specialize in large-scale commercial installation, motorized projects, and completing jobs with our full-in-house crew. We also offer many options for any project big or small, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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