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The Appeal of Faux Wood Blinds

When choosing the right window coverings for your project, the options can sometimes seem endless! One of the best and most popular options are Faux Wood Blinds, for various reasons both practical and functional. The Team here at Royal Textile Products are experts in the installation of Faux Wood Blinds, and we are here to provide you with all the information you need when selecting a faux-wood option. Here are some of the things to consider when thinking about going with quality Faux Wood Blinds.

First and foremost is the timeless look of a well crafted Faux Wood Blind, as displayed in these installations done by the Royal Team. They look and feel like authentic hardwood and can be customized, stained, and upkept, just like hardwood.  They are lightweight and easy to use with either a simple corded or cordless design, depending on your preference. The simple yet elegant design can be a draw to any space, matching any décor and helping to accentuate your carefully curated design elements.

It is also important to note the functional aspect of the Faux Wood choice. Faux Wood blinds are extremely durable and long lasting. How frustrating it is it when a blind falls apart after one brush with the kids or a family pet! The quality Faux Wood materials, combined with a professional installation, can ensure that your window blinds will stand up to the test of time or the test of your daily life!  I have installed thousands of Faux Wood blinds on a variety of projects from the initial build stage to the renovation of a historic building and can attest that Faux Wood blinds are tough!


There is also the outside world and elements to consider when designing your project and looking for a great window covering. It is Faux Wood blinds for the win again! With the high-quality materials, they are perfect for keeping out the harmful or damaging rays from the sun and they will also help to insulate your space in order to keep cool on those hot sunny days. There is something to be said for the simplicity of an energy efficient Faux Wood blind, whether open or closed they are an exceptional choice. They can also act as a sound dampener, helping to keep out the daily bustle or any unwanted outside sounds.

So where exactly should you use a Faux Food blind? The answer is simple… Anywhere! From a commercial building to a cozy cottage, a Faux Wood is always a smart choice for your project, whatever your budget. They are affordable, high quality, classic, and are always an esthetically pleasing choice for your space.  


The last, and possibly most important thing to consider in regard to Faux Wood blinds is how they will be installed. As with most things’ construction and home improvement, the devil is in the details, and without a proper professional installation you can run into a variety of problems. That is why it is always the best policy to trust an experienced team like the one here at Royal Textile Products, where we are dedicated to making sure you know all your options so that you can customize your project when it comes to valances and molding on your Faux Wood selection. After you have made your selections, our experienced field team will be ready to seamlessly handle the installation.


Here at Royal Textile Products we are experts in all things Faux Wood from start to finish and we are here to help when you are ready to make your vision a reality!

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