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About Nicole

Nicole began her journey with Royal Textile Products in 2015 as an installation technician, quickly demonstrating exceptional skills and a keen eye for detail. Her dedication and expertise in the field set her apart, allowing her to excel in her role and earn the respect of her peers and superiors alike.

In 2021, Nicole transitioned to the role of Project Manager, where she continued to shine by effectively overseeing projects and ensuring they met the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Her ability to manage complex tasks and coordinate teams was instrumental in her success. By 2023, Nicole's consistent performance and leadership qualities led to her promotion to Senior Project Manager, a role in which she continues to thrive.

Nicole finds great satisfaction in watching a project evolve from a mere concept to a tangible reality. She is passionate about every phase of the construction process and takes pride in seeing her efforts culminate in a completed project that meets and often exceeds client expectations. Her journey from installation technician to Senior Project Manager is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and love for the industry.

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