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About Lisa

While being involved with Royal Textile Products her whole life, Lisa officially joined the team in 2015. Since then she has devoted her career to the company, embodying a passion for her role and an unwavering dedication to excelence. Starting her journey with a  brief stint in doggie daycare, Lisa quickly realized her true calling was in a more people-focused environment, where she could make a significant impact by assisting others. 

Throughout her tenure at Royal, Lisa has embraced a variety of roles, showcasing her versatility and commitment to the company's growth. Her journey began in the field with the install team, focusing on layout, before transitioning to production and then to deliveries. Her adaptability and keen sense of initiative led her to the office, where she took on responsibilities in payables and shipment coordination. Over the years, Lisa has systematically expanded her role, eventually overseeing various aspects of the company's operations. Her innovative approach has been instrumental in redefining processes and implementing structural changes that have streamlined operations.

Due to a combination of her educational background and real world experience, Lisa's practical experience and hands-on approach have been the cornerstone of her success. Her decision to focus on her career straight out of high school has enabled her to acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience, shaping her into a pivotal figure within the company as Chief of Operations.

Looking ahead, Lisa envisions a bright future for Royal, with plans to expand the client base, extend regional coverage, and diversify product offerings. Her ambition is not only to elevate the company to new heights but also to ensure that her team enjoys a fulfilling and secure work environment. Lisa's leadership is driven by a profound commitment to her employees' well-being, with the goal of nurturing a thriving small business that cares deeply for its people.

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