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About Krystal

Krystal's  journey with Royal Textile Products began in 2013, initially serving as an assistant to Donald Kautz, the then head of bidding. Demonstrating exceptional aptitude and dedication, Krystal has since ascended to lead the bidding department, a role she has embraced with both skill and enthusiasm.

Krystal's passion for her work is fueled by the diversity of projects that Royal Textile Products undertakes. She finds great satisfaction in witnessing the transformation of projects from digital blueprints to tangible realities. This transition from the virtual to the real, seeing designs come to life, has been a source of continuous fascination and motivation for her.

Krystal's career journey reflects a commitment to professional growth and excellence that is not strictly confined to traditional academic pathways. Krystal's rise within the company showcases her learning agility and the practical application of her skills and knowledge to drive success.

Looking forward, Krystal is optimistic about the future of Royal Textile Products. She has witnessed firsthand the company's growth over the past decade, a testament to the team's hard work and the innovative solutions they provide to their clients. Krystal envisions continued success and expansion for the company, building on the impressive progress made since she started. Her ambition for Royal Textile Products is not just to maintain its trajectory of growth but to accelerate it, ensuring the company's position as a leader in the textile industry for years to come.

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