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About Katie

Katie was introduced to the construction industry in Denver, CO, in 2018. She began her career as an Executive Assistant for Royal Textile Products, working under the Chief of Operations. During her time in Denver, Katie had the opportunity to be mentored by the COO and received comprehensive training in all aspects of company operations.

Upon returning to Arizona, Katie sought to expand her construction experience in general contracting to gain a better understanding of the overall functions of a construction project. She has successfully project managed commercial ground-up projects valued at over $18 million. Throughout her career, Katie has had the privilege of working with well-established and experienced project management professionals who have significantly contributed to her growth in the industry.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Katie enjoys painting, playing the piano, thrifting, and building her home. She is an architecture enthusiast, an Oakley collector, and a coffee connoisseur.

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