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About Isaac 

Isaac Ortiz embarked on his journey with Royal Textile Products in 2023, initially joining the team as an installation technician. Demonstrating exceptional talent and a keen understanding of the business, Isaac quickly rose through the ranks, stepping into the role of Marketing & Client Relations Manager later that same year. His rapid progression is a testament to his dedication and skill set, which he continuously applies to foster growth and success within the company.

Isaac's academic background laid a solid foundation for his career. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from California Coast University in 2021. This achievement underscores his deep understanding of marketing principles and his commitment to excellence, which he brings to Royal Textile Products every day.

Passionate about the development industry, Isaac finds fulfillment in overseeing projects from their inception to completion. He takes immense pride in turning client visions into reality, ensuring that every project reflects the high standards and innovative solutions Royal Textile Products is known for. Beyond project success, Isaac is dedicated to the growth and development of the Royal Team, always seeking ways to enhance their skills and cohesion to ensure they represent the best in the construction industry.

Looking to the future, Isaac envisions a bright horizon for Royal Textile Products. His goal is to spearhead the company's ascent to become the industry leader in all its endeavors. Isaac is committed to driving continuous growth and ensuring that the Royal Team sets the benchmark for excellence in the field. With his strategic vision and unwavering commitment, Isaac is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Royal Textile Products within the construction industry.

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