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About Finley

Meet Finley Royale, our beloved company mascot with a story that's as fin-tastic as he is! Finley began his journey in a little tank at a pet store, dreaming of a life beyond the glass. With a splash of luck and a wave of ambition, he made his great escape and swam his way into our hearts and our company.

Now, Finley Royale reigns supreme as the official mascot of Royal Textile Products. His days are filled with swimmingly good times, from supervising projects with a flick of his tail to boosting office morale with his bubbly personality. Finley’s adventurous spirit and vibrant presence remind us that even the smallest fish can make a big splash.

When he's not busy being the fin-tastic face of our company, Finley loves exploring new currents and showing off his scales in the latest aquatic fashion. He's proof that with a bit of courage and a lot of heart, you can dive into a whole new world of possibilities.

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